Motion the music

Early 2018
Peiling Jiang, Xintian Li, Wei Dai, Aoran Sun, Xinyue Wang

TEAMMotionic was finished under the collaboration. JPL worked as team leader, did Industrial Design, User and Market Research, and Ideation; and created ALL Media and Content on this page.

This is the course work of Intro to Product design and the prompt was to design a Bluetooth speaker. I conceptualized Pour Sharing function which allows people to share songs like pouring water. Through this project, for the first time, I started to think about design in the business aspect and drew a system map to demonstrate the developed business model. After the course, I also reached out to work with engineer students and assigned the first owner of two Utility Patents for the development of near field connections.

How could IoT affect people’s behavior in public atmosphere? After research of younger generation’s needs and behaviors, we were thrilled to find their passion for music, music sharing and social activities. Meanwhile, the majority of Bluetooth speaker manufactors (by 2018.1) didn’t react to the needs at all. Thus, we decided to design a Bluetooth speaker that combines Motion and Music, providing a social-music experience for users.



Fig 1 User Interviews/Questionnaire 123 Online Questionnaires and 14 Interviews.
100% experienced a better friendship after finding the same music tastes with friends
52% have made a friend via the same love of a song/singer or the same taste of music
38% tried to “share” a song face-to-face (not “recommend”)
88% have used or seen a Bluetooth speak in a party or social activity

Fig 2 User Empathy Analysis
I organized interviewees’ responses of their attitude of music and prior use case of Bluetooth speakers, and categorized them into 3 classes, with Most, Normal, Few frequency labels based on times they’re mentioned by users and emotions shown during the face-to-face interviews.
PARTY is the most frequent occasion to use speakers. More than one speakers are normally used.
SHARE is the most important behavior during the process of discovering new good musics with friends.

Fig 3 User Definition of 「New & Young」
“New & Young” are younger generations age from 18 to 30, who have passion for music, as well as a great care for social relationships. Party is mandatory and frequent for them and sharing what they love gives them a lot of fun. Meanwhile, music experience is not completed without listening together in a group of people or share the loved ones with friends.

MUSIC IS SOCIAL. The way the younger generations enjoy music is strongly associated with social relationships and sharing.


Present Brands
Market Research
Results based on a API-based python web crawler.

With the results, I summarized the current market targets and division. Brands focus on appearance, price and sound quality, however, the SOCIAL attribute is missing.

None of main speaker manufacturers pays attention to the social- music playing scene while focus on other features.

Persona and Ideation


Pour Sharing then came into my mind. When to share a song from one speaker to another, just “POUR” like pouring a glass of water from one to another. Makes the process senseless, natural, quike, and enjoyable. While there will be a Gyroscope inside the speaker, why not to make it more powerful? Then several motion-based interactions were developed: Motion Control, Flip to mute, shake to shuffle... The gestures can also be recorded and customized; DJ, Dance “in” the music. Make the speaker a spatial DJ table and the music will match the movement.

Industrial Design

Form Exploration
Form Exploration
Design Iteration
Design Iteration
Design Finalization
Design Finalization