Scale matters.

Peiling Jiang

A lost competitive logo/VI design work for MIT Climate. The source code was finished at October, 2018 and now available on GitHub.

Climate is about the planet earth and every individual nurtured and living on it. That’s why I try to abstract the geographic earth, the most macroscopic environment, in a similar way usually used by biologist to indicate DNA and gene, the most microscopic elements of a life. By this graphical experiment, I want to emphasis the embedded connection and balance, in which climate plays an irreplaceable role, between lives and large-scale land and ocean. Red tags mark the places once had climate or environmental issues, like floods, leaks, etc., or reported to be extremely hot in the foreseeable future. These tags make the logo become also a warning of our pressing task and responsibility. Moreover, probably even a dynamic sign and documentary of the world climate changing: We want to see them become less and less.


Original / Genome / Red Marked

The whole identity can be divided into three groups of elements, with highly distinguishable colors and forms.


The identity, formed by rectangles, highly align the style of main MIT logo. While as an Equal Focus branding, the font could be determined with a large pool of choices. I finally chose Source Serif, free, generally installed and breaking the dull scene of straight lines with a curved style.

The use of MIT elements is permitted by Communications Initiatives.


Then, I kept trying to make it a dynamic and adaptive visual identity: containing different scales of details under different dimensions, inspired by Kenya Hara’s design of Beijing Olympics symbol. The computer needs to pick right colors itself for larger symbols. The function is implemented with a piece of python code.

Lost Design for Beijing Olympics
Beijing Olympic Symbol Design by Kenya Hara
When different n
When "n" (rows of generated rectangles) are different odd numbers
Generating Motion Recording


Have a look at the picked one