A Shelf

A Shelf is a shelf.

Early 2018
Peiling Jiang, Jun An Pang, Yinqi Xu, Wei Dai

TEAMA Shelf was finished under the collaboration. JPL worked as team leader, did Industrial Design, User and Market Research, Ideation and fabrication; and created ALL Media and Content on this page.

This is the course work of Product Development and Technology with a concentration of CNC (computer numerical control). We worked with Opendesk Shanghai and created this storage system for the growing population of young people who live alone in cities and move frequently.


A Shelf System should consist of two parts and no more: side boards and horizontal bearing boards. Especially when people, living alone and moving frequently, need to assemble and de-assemble them as quickly/effortlessly as possible. A Shelf, with only 2 kinds of boards, no front-back difference, no back board or foot board, could be flatten when transported and assemble by a single person within 5 mins, is an ideal solution.

From Triangle to "A", to Shelf
CNC for Prototype

CUSTOMIZATION, future of digital furniture

We believe the greatest advantage of Opendesk design concept is no only shared DWG files, but also, more importantly, those files are much easier to adjust than produced boards laying in IKEA malls. Thus, we introduce Customizing to the future of CNC technic to help customers receive what they want with a simple click and downloading. With the advantage in simplicity of the design of A Shelf, the personalizing process and generating program can be simple. We think it will be the very first step for Opendesk customizing system.

Customization Process
The system is under development.